JET-BOND Bohemian Plus Size Beach Dresses Girls Women FS51 Floral Long Maxi Floor Dresses for Summer Beach


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-Length: 55.12 in (140cm)
-Chest: 37.40 in (95cm)
-Hip: 46.46 in (118cm)
-Waist: 22.83 in (58cm)
-Waist Stretchable: 34.65 in (88cm)
-Length: 55.12 in (140cm)
-Chest: 40.16 in (102cm)
-Hip: 50.39 in (128cm)
-Waist: 23.62 in (60cm)
-Waist Stretchable: 38.58 in (98cm)
-Length: 55.12 in (140cm)
-Chest: 44.09 in (112cm)
-Hip: 54.33 in (138cm)
-Waist: 25.59 in (65cm)
-Waist Stretchable: 41.34 in (105cm)
-Length: 55.12 in (140cm)
-Chest: 48.03 in (122cm)
-Hip: 58.27 in (148cm)
-Waist: 27.56 in (70cm)
-Waist Stretchable: 45.28 in (115cm)
-Length: 55.12 in (140cm)
-Chest: 51.97 in (132cm)
-Hip: 62.20 in (158cm)
-Waist: 31.50 in (80cm)
-Waist Stretchable: 49.21 in (125cm)
-Length: 55.12 in (140cm)
-Chest: 55.91 in (142cm)
-Hip: 66.14 in (168cm)
-Waist: 35.43 in (90cm)
-Waist Stretchable: 53.15 in (135cm)Deep V neck floor length beach dress with batwing short sleeve, plus size, elastic waist, full length maxi sundress, one-piece dress
Ice silk fabric, wrinkle resistant, stretchable, soft, silky, comfortable in beach, vocation, summer and hot weather
Bohemian charming style in different printing patterns, flattering the sandals or high heels
Plus size XL 2XL 3XL 4XL 5XL, fit multi size women
Occasions: party, vocation, travel, beach, island, street, seaside