Girls Lace Dress Ballgown for Wedding Party


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Size Details
size=110//bust=23.6″//length=23.6″//for age 3-4 yrs
size=120//bust=25.6″//length=25.2″//for age 5-6 yrs
size=130//bust=27.6″//length=26.8″//for age 7-8 yrs
size=140//bust=29.6″//length=28.4″//for age 9-10 yrs
size=150//bust=31.5″//length=29.9″//for age 11-12 yrs
size=160//bust=32.3″//length=31.5″//for age 13-14 yrs8 colors for your choice, you can always get the one you like!
Solid color dress covered with exquisite lace bring extra elegant style, only for your unique princess!
Ideal choice for special occasion like wedding, party, ball, etc
Buttons on back top for convenient wearing
Size table means height ranges for girls, for reference only?for details pls refer to size chart enclosed in pictures or product description.